Case Study

we create our programs with passion



Victorinox, the brand with more than 125 years of ingenuity!

In 1884, Karl Elsener started his cutlery works in the village and soon became the official supplier of the Swiss Army, with the now famous Soldier’s Knife.

In 2011, we are a global brand producing different products united through iconic design, exceptional functionality, practical innovation.


Victorinox wanted to encourage passionate individuals by providing them a true companion for life which motivates them to achieve perfection, be resilient and never give up on their dreams. 

After successfully establishing a brand stand, we also gave the users a chance to connect with Victorinox emotionally while setting the tone for the brand in India by positioning Victorinox as the  true companion for everyday adventure.


Our audience was driven by 'Passion', therefore, the situation was fertile for us to draw a connection between the target group and our positioning; ‘Everyday Adventure’. Hence, after carefully studying our target group we decided to move into four categories which our audience seemed to live, breathe and interact in. These categories were;

  • 1) Biking - The ones who like to travel on wheels.
  • 2) Photographers - The ones who like to capture their adventures through their trusty lenses.
  • 3) The Entrepreneur - The ones who like to face challenges head-on in their everyday adventures.
  • 4) Music enthusiast - The ones who live and breathe music.

We identified them through a social media contest which was branded as, "LiveYourDream" & asked Victorinox's followers & admirers to send-in their dream adventure which would give them an opportunity to live their “Everyday Adventure” dream. Their journey was documented and shared on Victorinox's digital properties for the Victorinox community to experience.


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