Case Study

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Royal Dry Fruits


Royal Dry Fruits is a major importer of assorted dry fruits with more than 250 distributors pan India. They started off with dry fruits and then ventured into other products like peanut butter, olives etc. Dry fruits were still the key product, as it was the core of their business for over 3 decades.


In order for them to expand their business they needed to:

  • i) Go Digital.
  • ii) Create a website to cater to B2C.
  • iii) Become Automated.


We began with a B2C website to engage with consumers and generate sales but then realised a great opportunity to simplify their B2B structure with Digital.

We automated the Royal Dry Fruits B2B business by creating a robust customised software where the interface was planned to be just like an e-commerce website.

For distributers that weren’t digital savvy, an e-commerce interface felt familiar and was easy to use.

The platform embodied features like custom discounting, inventory management, automated communication, ordering & invoicing modules, automated retailer mapping basis location & was also made its way to their B2C website.

This website simplified the brands logistics process and allowed them to acquire new distributors through the medium of digital.

A project which started off as a service for B2C, later became a brand-agency partnership where we helped build a business model for B2B through Digital which amped up sales for the brand and helped retain customers.


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