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MAX Fashion


MAX is a fashion brand of the Dubai based Landmark Group with over 300 stores across 16 countries. The brand was launched with a unique concept of delivering international fashion & value to the discerning shopper across the world.


MAX fashion stands by the thought - 'live for today'. Therefore, we decided to leverage Valentine's Day in a unique manner to create and drive conversations on Social Media platforms while the brand thought's visage rang true.

The idea was to connect to the rig1ht TG during the Valentines phase through a non-branded portal and create engagement around the same. Amplify via dark promotion on social and the microsite to drive organic conversation while promoting the brand. 


We created a microsite with a love-based theme that involved communication around date tips, what to wear, ideal proposal and so on. The crux was to share their ideal date idea and one lucky will win an exclusive date.

The website was promoted through Google ads, unpublished ads, dark tweets via influencers.

Among the humongous entries received, we chose 10 best and published them on the microsite wall for voting. During the voting phase, we introduced the brand and engaged with the audience on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

In-spite of initiating as a non-branded contest, we received 3698 entries via paid and organic way. 

Being a digital effort to spark organic conversations while leveraging media and topicality, the campaign became a definitive success.


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