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In order to humanise brand Livpure & spread goodness amongst its followers, we employed & established a communication stand called #TheLivpureLife which helped us streamline communication intended to disperse stories about goodness in life with a sole purpose to refresh social timelines with stories that propagate the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body while promoting Livepure products.


Influencing the consumers:

We live in a country which is going increasingly ‘personal screen’, which meant that in order to enable the lives of consumers, we needed to understand the human psyche and draw out a concept which would appeal to the ‘human psychographic’ on an individual level instead of a mass demographic aided by a tool.

Implementing effective change:

Change is almost always unwelcome, especially if it’s a brand thats trying to implement it. Therefore, it was essential that the concept which is drawn out needed to be strongly rooted in a human insight.

Aiding the process:

While it is a comparatively easy task to catalyse change aided by effective mediums, the task to see the implied positive change become a part of the engaging consumers’ lifestyle was herculean. Therefore, it was imperative that we employed un-intrusive yet easy to approach tools & mediums in the mix to aid the process of imbibing positive change.


The movement kickstarted with brand Livpure’s ambassador, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar addressing the people & asking people to finish their glasses of water while popularising the hashtag #FinishYourGlass through the medium of a film which aired on television as well as rested on the brand’s microsite -

The film was amplified across brand owned properties on social platforms supported with static & gif content which urged users to log on to the microsite and sign up for reminders at regular intervals which would help participants inculcate the healthy habit which brand Livpure was propagating. Alternatively, users could also give a missed call on 1800 121 1718 to automatically register for the reminders.

After registering, participants would get upto 5 reminders via SMS on their registered devices daily, for 21 days. These reminders were meticulously planned & were contextually relevant with regards to the day, date & the time that day.

Furthermore, in order to reach out to a broader set of audiences we leveraged infographics to disperse further information about the benefits of drinking water regularly & further urging them to be a part of the #FinishYourGlass movement and influence others too.

Existing users of Livpure products were also reached out to with the help of personalised emailers, helping Livpure further their crusade for spreading goodness & promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst their core user base.

A string of social media contests were also undertaken where users had to register themselves as well as urge their friends and family to do the same in order to win a bat signed by Mr. Tendulkar. This resulted in a humongous influx of User Generated Content helping us reach out to the outliers.


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