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The Nub of Marketing for the Millennial.

Marketing to the millennial requires an understanding of their characteristics. The fact remains that they are very different from the generation before them and the generation after.
The Millennial is not just an age group; it’s a state of mind that affects consumer behaviour across generations.
Millennial are identified as those born between 1980 and 1995; popularly described those between the ages of 18 and 35 years as the millennial.

According to Barin Mukherjee, co-founder of digital marketing solutions agency DigitalF5, unlike other generations, the millennial group is predisposed to advertising. This makes marketing to them both difficult and easy. Mukherjee says that marketing for the millennial is about co-creating experiences and not delivering brand messages. “In any marketing bid, the millennial is very sharp in identifying what’s in it for them. So, brands need to create content that is meaningful to them,” he says.

But as impatience is one of their characteristics, brands need to connect with them really quickly. And they should have something to take away from it. For instance, a fashion brand will work if it creates and offers them a “look” (what to team up with what) rather than just advertising it’s clothes/products. “So, add a qualified communication layer to the message. Something they can use in their everyday life—something like a value-add,” says Mukherjee.

Besides, brands need to loosen up a bit. They can use influencers to deal with the millennial. “Hand over your brand to digital influencers as they are relevant to your target audience. An influencer can render his flavour to the brand but keep the core intact. So it is easier for the consumer to accept,” Mukherjee adds.

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