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Livpure: Best use of digital for social and economic development - Drivers of digital awards 2017.

Livpure being a nationally recognised brand in the water and air purifier manufacturer category, Livpure has taken a very different approach by choosing not to resort to scare tactics like their direct competitors. In order to humanise brand, Livpure spreads goodness amongst its followers. The brand employed and established a communication stand called #TheLivepureLife.

With this award – winning campaign, Livpure, wanted to remind individuals and urge them to drink water at regular intervals, to encourage them to live #TheLivPureLife by helping them inculcate a good habit.

“We decided to keep the communication direct by asking users to #FinishYourGlass and urging others to do the same via multiple mediums which converged on a micro-site that would help us reach out to individuals, personally through mobile (SMS) OR through e-mail. “ said (LIVPURE SPOKESPERSON)

In a nutshell, the campaign employed mobile, web, social media, created, curated & co-created content to usher in a movement endorsed by Mr. Tendulkar as well as by 2,42,550 (and counting) Indians.

In a short span of two months the campaign garnered;

1.9 m+ people reached
 1,24,755 organic impressions
 1,92,113 total engagements on Facebook 
1,55,987 clicks to micro-site 
2,42,550 and counting pledges.

To conclude, we can say that Livpure has been successful in taking another step towards spreading & enabling goodness. The audiences to say the least, reverted in kind by pledging to the cause and chose to take a step toward bringing about a positive change in their lives.

Drivers of Digital 2017 Awards felicitated Livpure on the 26th of October 2017 @ Mayfair, Worli, Mumbai.

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