Victorinox is an iconic brand in Europe; however, its personality is not defined in the Indian consumer’s mind. Therefore the challenge was to

  1. Crystallize the “everyday adventure” stand for the brand
  2. Make the brand relevant and relatable to the Indian consumer


The brand wanted to reach out to individuals driven by 'Passion', therefore, the situation was fertile for us to draw a connection between the target group and our positioning; ‘Everyday Adventure’ by opening up interpretations of adventure dreams of Indians at large

  1. Users were to share their “everyday adventure” dreams with us.
  2. With over 500 interpretations, we shortlisted 4 who were funded by the brand to #LiveYourDream
  3. The winners were to carry Victorinox products and share content which defined the brand spirit within their respective journeys


  1. Impressions: 17,727,720
  2. Reach: 8,420,021
  3. Reach: 8,420,021
  4. Page likes: 4,028
  5. Engagement: 551,198
  6. App Installs: 2,197